3 Benefits of Preventative Pool Maintenance

October 20, 2017

Fix Potential Issues Before They Become a Big Problem

Hindsight is always 20/20. When major issues arise, we often point to past mistakes and say, “Oh, I should have done this or that.” When those mistakes are particularly costly, that hindsight sharpens even more. If you are a hotel or spa that has suffered a major pool malfunction, you will find yourself second-guessing your past decisions as your site’s bank account bleeds with every hour that the pool remains closed.

But the answer to the question, “What could I have done to prevent this major pool mishap?”, always has the same answer: preventative pool maintenance programs, like those offered by Falcon Commercial Pool Services. These beneficial services ensure that your site’s most valuable asset, your pool, is regularly inspected, maintained and repaired before incidents occur.

Maintenance programs take the guesswork out of pool repair. While some prefer to disregard issues to save money in the short term, ignoring those potential pool problems will cost you big, both in dollars and reputation, down the road. By having your pools regularly examined by trained Certified Pool Operators (CPOs), you always have a running diagnostic analysis telling you exactly what components are aging out, what is breaking (and why) and which of your equipment continues to work flawlessly.

1.     Protect Yourself and Your Guests

In Central Florida, a pool can be a hotel or resort’s most precious resource… and if your pool is closed or drained after a major piece of equipment suddenly breaks, you know how unhappy your guests can become.

Disgruntled patrons make their voices heard, both in demands for partial and full refunds or by leaving bad reviews that can tarnish your reputation. Worse, if a piece of faulty equipment causes a guest injury, you open up your business to a potentially disastrous lawsuit.

To prevent this, keep your existing equipment maintained to ensure the continued safety of your guests. Regular pool equipment maintenance guarantees that parts are replaced as they begin to show wear and tear.


2.     Never Leave Your Guests in the Cold

Pool temperature is a big sticking point for a lot of guests, especially those visiting from colder climates during the winter months; they’re looking for that tropical Central Florida experience. So when your pool heater suddenly breaks down and guests leap into a frigid February Florida pool, you’re likely to have some unhappy customers.

Pool heater maintenance programs ensure that your waters are always temperate and ready for some relaxing and luxurious fun.

3.     Sand Filters Keep It Clean

Something everyone looks for in a pool is cleanliness. No one wants to wade into a cloudy pool dotted with bits of sand, dirt and unsanitary debris. A pool’s crystal-clear water (which should be the status quo of all lodging establishments) is achieved through a properly functioning sand filter.

Ensure that your guests are swimming in clean filtered water by engaging in regular sand filter maintenance.


There’s No Time Like the Present

It’s time to let your hindsight grow dim. Handle your pool’s pressing matters TODAY, when they’re simply minor inconveniences. Waiting for them to become major issues could be disastrous for your otherwise thriving property. Protect your guests, your bottom line and your reputation with Falcon’s preventative pool maintenance programs.

For more information on Falcon’s maintenance programs, click here or call us at 407-857-1750.