3 Risks You Take When Entrusting Hotel Pool Repairs to In-House Staff

November 16, 2017

It’s often easy to trust in-house personnel with hotel repairs rather than seeking an outside contractor. They’re already there, they’re being paid for their time and they’re familiar with the site. This is all well and good when dealing with small issues, like a broken table or some faulty lighting. But when it comes to something as important as hotel pool repairs, your facility cannot afford anything but the very best certified pool contractors working on your most valuable asset.

Here are three major risks associated with entrusting your pool repairs to in-house staff:

1. Increased Downtime

When inexperienced staff members attempt to perform complicated pool repairs, they tend to be less efficient than a certified technician who is knowledgeable and has years of experience in the commercial pool industry. When an experienced contractor makes repairs, they know precisely what they have to do. They assess the situation, make repairs and bring your pool back to working order.

Untrained in-house staff will logically be slower. They’re not as familiar with the pool or its systems, so they will move with uncertainty. This lack of speed will lead to increased downtime, in which your site will lose both money and reputation. When guests cannot enjoy the amenities they’ve paid for, they demand monetary compensation and leave negative customer reviews.

2. Unreliable Repairs

When a certified professional repairs your pool equipment, you can rest assured that it’s being repaired the right way the first time. The only thing worse than having to close down your pool due to an unplanned malfunction is closing it twice for the same problem.

Untrained in-house staff members might know the basics of pool repair, but unless they’ve been trained in precisely what to look for and how to avoid a second issue, how can their repairs ever truly be complete?

3. Guest Safety

Improper hotel pool repairs can have a severe impact on the health of your guests.

Let’s say a staff member is repairing a step on your pool’s ladder, but they haven’t done it correctly and the step snaps when a guest uses it. This opens the guest up to potential injury and your site up to a huge lawsuit.

Expertise in pool treatments go a long way as well. The delicate balance of chemicals that keeps a pool clean and safe for guests can easily become dangerous if not handled properly. A slight misstep in this vital process can lead to chlorine poisoning or any number of recreational water illnesses.

In-house hotel pool repair may be tempting to save a few bucks in the short term. But taking short cuts with something as important as your pool repairs can end up costing you much more in the future, both monetarily and in terms of reputation.

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