3 Ways to Use Your Hotel Pool to Increase Guest Satisfaction Scores

December 17, 2017

It’s no secret that a hotel’s success largely depends on guest satisfaction scores. Potential guests often comb through web-based peer reviews before dropping hundreds or even thousands of dollars on their next vacation.

These scores on popular sites such as Yelp, Google and TripAdvisor take many factors into account, but perhaps none are more important than amenities. Your most vital amenity is undoubtedly your pool. So is your pool helping to drive those customer scores up, or is it pulling them down

If you are losing stars because of your pool, what can be done to help? Here are three sure-fire ways to use your hotel pool to increase guest satisfaction scores.

1. Regular Repairs

This might seem like common sense, but when something breaks, fix it. Make hotel pool repairs right away and do so the right way. Shoddy patch jobs and temporary fixes aren’t going to endear your site to the public and earn positive ratings. Ensuring that you’re repairing the pool the right way on the first try takes skill and experience.

When repairs are needed and the pool has to be closed for any prolonged length of time, scores suffer. You need to have the highest quality of repair with the lowest possible downtime to ensure maximum guest satisfaction.

Trusting these repairs to a certified pool contracting company allows you to ensure that your repairs are handled correctly and won’t come back to bite you again.

2. Cleaning

Cleaner is always better. Dirty pools with cloudy water lead to poor guest scores. Hotel pool cleaning is an important regular service that needs to be done the right way by the right company. A lot more goes into a pristine pool than just skimming the water with a net.

People don’t want to see dirt. They want assurance that the water they wade into is of the highest quality. Give them that quality and they will reward you with favorable scores and recommendations.

3. Regular Maintenance

When pools break, sometimes a closure is needed. The best way to ensure that those satisfaction ruining events are few and far between is with regular preventative pool maintenance.

Keeping your eye on aging equipment, your sand filtration system or your pool’s heater will take care of any potential issues before they become problematic. Preventative hotel pool maintenance is your safety net, ensuring that you always have a proper diagnosis as to the health and wellness of your hotel’s pool.

Don’t let your satisfaction scores suffer. Utilizing the services of a certified pool contractor like Falcon Commercial Pool Services will ensure that your pool will be visually stunning, efficient and functional.

Falcon Commercial Pool Services is a certified pool contractor, employing only CPO trained and certified staff. For more information on Falcon’s services, click here or call us at 407-857-1750.