Is Your Hotel’s Hot Tub Killing Your Guests?

May 8, 2018


Hot tubs are popular amenities in hotels all over Central Florida. Nothing caps off a long day in a theme park quite like a dip in a bubbly soothing hot tub. But when guests wade into your relaxing waters, are they putting themselves at risk?


Improperly maintained hot tubs and the steam-filled atmosphere that surrounds them have the potential to be breeding grounds for diseases, some of which can have serious or fatal consequences. It is a hot tub’s temperature that makes it so difficult to sterilize. The heat constantly throws off the proper chemical levels needed for disinfecting, so consistent hot tub maintenance is required to ensure the safety of your guests.


The affliction known as “hot tub rash” comes from a germ known as Pseudomonas Aeruginosa, which typically lives in water and soil. This particular germ multiplies in the water as disinfectant begins to wear off. Then, when levels are brought back up it doesn’t destroy this invasive contaminant, it only stops it from spreading further. As chemical levels dip once more, the germs begin to multiply again.


Legionnaire’s disease can also be contracted from hot tubs. This form of pneumonia thrives in warm water and can be inhaled through steam. It is also potentially fatal, particularly for guests older than 50, smokers, and individuals with weakened immune systems.


Contaminants are introduced into hot tub waters by the guests themselves. Bodily fluids like sweat or urine, coupled with personal care products such as lotion, makeup and sunscreen soak up the disinfectant in the water, allowing these potentially dangerous sicknesses to sprout up, uncontained.


The presence of hot tub diseases can lead to an outbreak in your hotel. Following such an event, guest satisfaction scores will plummet, as disgruntled infected individuals take to the internet to leave nasty reviews. In the event of serious illness or the death of a guest, your hotel stands to suffer from a hefty lawsuit.


What can be done to preserve the continued reputation and financial wellness of your facility? Regular hot tub testing and chemical upkeep are required to ensure that your guests have a positive experience and walk away safely. With something so vital to the continued existence of your hotel, you need certified professionals on the job. You need the experienced commercial hot tub maintenance skills of Falcon Commercial Pool Services.


Falcon Commercial Pool Services is a Certified Pool Contractor, with over 14 years of experience in the commercial pool industry. Our hotel hot tub maintenance programs will ensure that your hot tub is fixed the right way, the first time. We provide regular inspections to make certain that everyone wading into your clean and clear water is safe and protected.


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