Top 3 Benefits of Dive-for-Patching Hotel Pool Repair Services

April 10, 2018


Patching a leak in a pool’s lining, replacing tiles or making repairs to underwater equipment was once a huge ordeal, encompassing days of cost-inducing closures.


Falcon Commercial Pool Services is pleased to offer Dive-for-Patching, a revolutionary service which allows us to undertake complicated repairs with little to no downtime.


Dive-for-Patching is an underwater swimming pool repair service which allows Falcon’s trained and certified team of pool operators to don scuba gear and dive into the waters of your pool to make repairs without impacting your business.


So, what are the top 3 benefits of Dive-for-Patching?


1. No Draining


The most time-consuming part of the hotel pool repair process has always been draining and refilling the pool. This can take days, leaving your pool unusable for paying customers.


Dive-for-patching allows Falcon to make commercial pool repairs while completely submerged. There is no need for draining, so repairs take mere hours, rather than days.


Eliminating the need for pool draining is a game-changing innovation that saves you time, money and hassle.


2. Less Cost


By eliminating the need for pool draining, you save on man-hours. This makes Dive-for-Patching a cost-effective and highly efficient service that your hotel can’t afford to go without. The money that you save on these underwater repairs can be used for replacing aging components or adding additional features that will make your hotel’s pool the very best in Central Florida.


Dive-for-Patching is an inexpensive underwater commercial pool repair option that will help preserve your bottom line.


3. Little to No Downtime


While at one time, draining necessitated increased downtime, Dive-for-Patching requires very little, if any at all. Falcon has the ability to come out to make repairs before your hotel’s pool opens, allowing us to be in and out prior to the arrival of your first guest.


What’s more, certain Dive-for-Patching services can occur while the pool is open without a full closure. If the issue is isolated to one specific area of the pool, we can section off that space while we work, so your guests can continue to enjoy this valuable amenity.


Falcon Commercial Pool Services is a Certified Pool Contractor, with over 14 years of experience in the commercial pool industry. Our hotel pool repair programs will ensure that your pool is fixed the right way, the first time by certified professionals. We provide regular inspections to make certain that everyone jumping into your clean and clear water is protected.


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